About Hadiul Islam

Hi, This is Hadiul Islam and i am going to share with you the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association data and writing about Bangladesh garments industry related topic. I believe in working so I choose this kind of topic.Many rural uneducated men and women change their poverty stage as an employee in Garments industry sector.You just continue your work as usual to keep it a side.I am doing like that I believe on fact but skill is my confidence.And for that I would like to work with my confidence.

I started my professional career as an Entrepreneur known as MCQ Everyday and I am not succeed.But I have a feeling in my mind that I am not working according to my mind! So I continue my work and was waiting for the best opportunity!One day I noticed a banner of my office building next door; it was written about SEO training. That’s the beginning of my SEO or Freelancing track. The starting journey was very challenging for me, but my attentiveness and enthusiasm towards my work and helped me to become skilled.I started working at the beginning of 2017.

about hadiul islam

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Working as a freelancer for over years. And try to make my own identity in online world.I would like to works with a high motivating and challenging environment that provides the best opportunities to grow my skills and utilize my potential to the fullest to achieve my goal.

Hadiul Islam have passed my SSC Examination 2007 with Science background and HSC with Science background from
Sherpur government College” on 2009.I have study at International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) under the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2011-2016.

I learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from Basis Institute of Technology & Management on 2017. I have years of working experience in the field of SEO (On-page and Off-page Optimization). I help to drive traffic and generate leads to this website with my best technical idea.

about hadiul islam

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Website Analysis, Off Page Optimization (Directory, Social Bookmarking), Content Creation, Business Listing, Local Listings,
Blog, Articles, Forum, Press Release, RSS Feed, Document Sharing, Image Sharing, Classified Submission, Blog Installation and
Customization, Social Media Optimization (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+etc.), Weekly
and Monthly SEO report for the editor, Review of traffic reports using Google analytic etc.

Certificate of Employee for the Month of December 2014 from Genyx Infosys limited for an outstanding
performance in as Junior Executive.

Certificate of Employee for the Month of August 30, 2016 from Online News Portal for an outstanding performance
in as Assistant Manager (SEO).

Thanks for reading this article – Hadiul Islam.